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SqlEditor v0.3.5.3

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Released: Jun 1, 2015
Updated: Jun 1, 2015 by mmedic
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Application SqlEditor v0.3.5.3
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Release Notes

New Features:
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where Oracle connections could not be opened
New Features:
- Added better support for database servers with multiple databases (i.e. SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
- Updated drivers for MySQL, POstgreSQl and SQLite.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue when an application would throw an error when a query is canceled
- Fixed an issue when scripting queries and objects for PostgreSQL. Now spaces are used instead of tabs to make statements run without an error.
- Fixed an issue when a pinned tab is closed and a query is run that reuses the tab - pin flag would not be reset.
New Features:
- Added support for Oracle packages
Bug Fixes:
New Features:
- Added support for PosgreSQL
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where clicking on Script View as -> Create was trying to generate TABLE DDL instead of VIEW DDL
- Fixed an issue if DDL generation would fail, the application may crash
New Features:
- Added the ability to show execution/explain plans
- Added the ability to script DDL for indexes
- All scripting operations are now asynchronous
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where MySQL index columns were not accurate in the database explorer
- Fixed an issue with showing indexes when the table and index reside in different schemas (DB2 only)
- Fixed an issue with DROP INDEX scripting for MySQL
New Features:
- Added a feature that allows you to double-click a column or a table and have it automatically paste into SQL worksheet
- Added a new feature that allows a double-click (or a right click menu item) on a cell to view it's value in an editor. If a column value if valid XML document, XML editor will be shown
- Added additional themes for Office 2013 and Windows 8
- Completely new Find/Replace dialog with more robust searching/replacing and ability to use regular expressions
- Added the ability to view and browse constraints
- Implemented better handling of database object browsing for MS Access (using ADOX)
- Added automatic check for updates to run every week
- Added the ability to create table DDL (requires db2look for DB2)
- Added the ability to view included columns on unique indexes
- Added the ability to create view DDL (requires db2look for DB2)
- Added the ability to script SELECT and DROP statements for views
- Upgraded drivers for Oracle, MySQL and SQLite
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed regression issue where some items on the File menu did not have icons
- Fixed an issue where refresh button was enabled on query results before any query was run. Clicking on a button in that state caused a crash
- Fixed an issue where appending text to SQL worksheet was appending text in overwrite mode. Text is now inserted
- Fixed an issue where a completely commented SQL statement was attempted to be run as part of a Run as Script option
- Fixed an issue where row highlighting was not correct in query results grid after sorting
- Fixed an issue where SQL Server queries were timing out after 30 seconds because default timeout on SqlCommand is 30 seconds
- Fixed an issue where MS Access connection string was not being saved properly
- Fixed an issue where MS Access SQL highlighting would not work in the editor
- Fixed an issues where listing index columns in Database Explorer for SQL Server was not accurate
- Fixed an issues where listing synonyms for DB2 would throw an exception
New Features:
- Upgraded to Infragistics 14.1 controls
- Open query results files automatically after export is complete
- Updated pin icon on query results to better icon
- Save query history immediately after query execution
Bug Fixes:
- Query results export to CSV or TXT file creates duplicates
New Features:
- Ability to browse functions in Database Explorer
- Ability to check for updates
- When connecting to SQL Server, all databases are now shown and ability to browse each database is working;
- When browsing database objects in Database Explorer, folder icons now reflect whether a node is expanded or not
- Enforce initial catalog/database when connecting to the database server (SQL Server and MySQL)
- Allow viewing connection details while connection is open
- Add script table as SELECT option
- Enhance connection create/edit dialog to show simple and advanced views for easier connecting to databases
- Added Oracle intellisense dictionary views
- Added drag and drop of most database objects to the SQL Code Editor
- Changed project settings to prefer 32 bitness
Bug Fixes:
- UPDATE AND DELETE statements are not generated correctly for table with composite primary keys
- Intellisense shows when it is not supposed to (Typing dot (.) in a literal string where a word before the dot does not match a schema or table name of alias)
- Primary Key Columns shows duplicates for DB2
- Dialogs do not work with Windows 8
- Tables would not show in Database Explorer for SQL Server Compact and SQLite
New Features:
- SE-29 Provide ability to run SQL from files
- SE-30 Allow users to close all worksheets without saving
- SE-35 Add executed SQL to script output prior to displaying results
- SE-41 Do not clear script output on execution of commit and rollback
- SE-46 Provide the ability to script INSERT statements for a table
- SE-49 Provide the ability to script UPDATE statements for a table
- SE-50 Provide the ability to see public and private synonyms separate
- SE-51 Provide the ability to show primary key columns for a table
- SE-53 Provide the ability to script DELETE statements for a table
- SE-56 Provide the ability to show and edit stored procedures
Bug Fixes:
- SE-20 Application locks after it is minimized for a long time
- SE-27 Table details (Data tab) does not work with SQL Server
- SE-31 When inserting values using 'Run Script' showing 'INSERTeD'
- SE-32 When a non-query command starts with a comment, query is executed successfully but output does not show the results properly
- SE-33 When an operation is canceled, the query does not return right away
- SE-34 Query results do not show outputs from stored procedures
- SE-36 Running multiple DML statements as a script in non-auto-commit mode causes an error
- SE-37 Fetch More Rows, Fetch All Rows and Refresh tools are enabled after a DML query under transaction is executed
- SE-38 Intellisense displays tables instead of columns in certain scenarios
- SE-39 Item from intellisense not inserted correctly
- SE-42 Auto-commit option is not preserved between runs
- SE-43 When filtering database objects, tree nodes do not show expand indicators
- SE-44 SQL Server columns do not show for users with certain permissions
- SE-48 Error occurs when getting details (Data tab) for an object that user has no SELECT privilege on
New Features:
- SE-5 Implement connection clone functionality
- SE-8 Restructure Connection Tools ribbon
- SE-11 Added a prompt for user to save SQL when closing application if SQL Worksheet is dirty
- SE-25 Add connection name to SQL worksheet tab caption
Bug Fixes:
- SE-4 Clone option allowed on nodes other than connection nodes
- SE-3 When copying text from Database Explorer nodes, literal text is copied
- SE-6 Database Explorer does not show data types for indexed columns
- SE-7 When selecting column node, refresh option is available
- SE-9 Running non-select query shows how many rows are showing
- SE-12 Right clicking on the node in Database Explorer should have it selected
- SE-13 When running a long running query after a failed query, "Operation failed" is displayed
- SE-14 When query returns 0 rows, display labels shows "Showing all 0 row"
- SE-15 DB2 queries time out after 30 seconds
- SE-16 Switching between tabs (child forms) selects View tab on the ribbon
- SE-17 Sometimes columns in the query results grid are not sized to fit
- SE-19 Issues when a database object has a leading or trailing spaces
- SE-21 Save dirty SQL worksheet dialog does not have a worksheet name
- SE-22 (DB2) Index does not show in list of indexes for a table if it belongs in a different schema than a table
- SE-24 Upon insert, result message is mixed case
- SE-23 SQL editor does not handle quoted strings spanning multiple lines
- SE-26 Copy with headers does not work when an entire row is selected
- SE-28 Document not saved when selecting cancel from save dialog
- Fixed an issue with index columns on DB2 provider
- Fixed a small issue with a row count label showing operation failed message when it was successful

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