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Project Description

Universal SQL Editor is a program which allows connecting to database from multiple vendors (DB2 LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Server Compact 4.0, SQLite, Microsoft Access) and performing the most common operations such as browsing database objects, running SQL statements, etc.


Docking Document Style Interface with Office 2010 Ribbon

SQL Editor offers modern docking document style interface featuring an Office 2010 style ribbon. Several skins are available ranging from Microsoft Office 2077, 2010, 2013, Windows 8 and more.


Connectivity to Multiple Database Vendors

Universal SQL Editor can connect to multiple database vendors including DB2 LUW (may require IBM Data Server Driver Package, Oracle (via included Oracle Managed Driver), SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Server Compact 4.0, SQLite, PostrgreSQL and Microsoft Access (requires Microsoft Access Driver to be installed).


Database Explorer with Folder Organization

Universal SQL Editor provides a powerful Database Explorer with folder organization and nesting, searching and filtering as well connection definition import from Oracle SQL Developer and Aqua Data Studio. When browsing the Explorer, all information is fetched on demand and in the background.


Syntax Highlighting Code Editor with Intellisense

Universal SQL Editor provides a flexible SQL code editor with SQL syntax highlighting that is database vendor specific and context sensitive intellisense that can be invoked via standard Ctrl+Space action.


Query Results Grid

Universal SQL Editor shows SQL query results in a feature packed grid that allows, multi-column sorting and filtering using complex expressions (using several different operators and regular expressions), multiple , grouping, exporting to Excel and text files as well as the ability to pin and save results for later use.


SQL History

Universal SQL Editor stored recently executed SQL for fast lookup and reuse.


SQL Statement Generation

Universal SQL Editor allows you to quickly generate SQL statements and DDL.


Execution Plan Generation

Universal SQL Editor allows you to easily view execution plans for your statements.


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